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Fitness Network job vacancy
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Fitness Network has the job vacancy for the position of a Digital Marketing Assistant.

The company sells gym equipment to South Africa and neighboring countries. We have a sister company in the UK.

The Digital Marketing Assistant role reports to the General Manager with tasks ranging from the coordination of day to day marketing initiatives, assisting with marketing projects and identifying any opportunities for improving the marketing of the business.

The role is critical to communicating Fitness Network & G&F UK products and purpose to customers which inturn increases branding, awareness and sales for Fitness Network, whilst helping Fitness Network & G&F UK customers work towards achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Key Responsibilities:

Specific actions, tasks or areas of responsibility this role will oversee.

  • Preparation of the weekly department agenda and associated statistics
  • Oversee the coordination of marketing campaigns across various digital channels.
  • Management of the editorial calendar and coordination of content production
  • Preparation of reports across the various marketing channels being utilised
  • Assist Digital Marketing Specialist with the management of SEO and SEO ROI
  • Assist with editing/adding website content (Copy, videos, imagery)
  • Assist with editing/managing digital channels (YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Assist The Marketing manager with day to day tasks

Desired Outcomes: 

Visible and measurable evidence of success in this role. What KPIs is the person in this role responsible for delivering?

  • Successful execution of the editorial calendar (content is published on time, to standard, monitored and reviewed)
  • Increase traffic and revenue from social channels
  • Partially accountable for website traffic and sales from the digital marketing channels identified in the editorial calendar
  • On time preparation of weekly department agenda’s
  • Development of high converting marketing funnels

Role Competencies:

Specific skills, traits and competencies necessary to be successful in this role.

  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to brief, and follow up requests from other members of the team
  • Understanding of marketing principles (traditional and digital)
  • Understanding of key acquisition channels (Facebook, Email, Instagram, YouTube, SEO, PPC)
  • Understanding of Google products (Google Analytics + Google DataStudio)
  • An understanding of the Gym and Fitness Target Audiences and customer journeys
  • Willingness to learn

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