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About Us – Flavertech

Flavertech (AKA. FLVTH) is a private owned website made up of a team of tech enthusiasts, news pundits and commentators. Our main goal is to deliver content that is satisfying to our readers.

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FLVTH started off as a tech blog, yet we have added a couple more categories to our growing list of readers.

In 2019, Flavertech was launched. As a result of our interest in bridging the gap between the tech community and job seekers, we established FLVTH.

The core objective of this website, is to deliver relevant opportunities through the internet to our growing list of users everyday.

Once a while, we publish articles relating to Technology, Innovation and Information Technology career tips.

One might ask, how did the abbrevation “FLVTH” come about. Since we have a team of tech experts and commentators, we thought of bringing out something unique and easily identifiable when searched for on the internet, hence the name FLVTH, which is just the short form of our website name, Flavertech.

FLVTH (Flavertech.com) is a website focused on delivery the latest job vacancies and updates to individuals.

At Flavertech, we take into consideration the plight of job seekers because we know how struggling, it is to look for jobs.

For this reason, Flavertech makes job application easily, and as a matter of fact, job offers posted on this website is free to apply.

Our posts focuses on the non-employed, non-experienced and graduates. Flavertech publishes temporary and permanent jobs for our users.

In this light, we pride ourselves as a growing portal for individuals to apply for jobs for free.

FLVTH Team, wishes you good luck in your job application, we are always ready to help!

If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime for free assistance and advise on applications.

We believe this space serves the purpose of our visitors. FLVTH is managed by Innovate Africa – an emerging marketing company based in the hearts of Africa.

If you have further inquiries, do not hesitate to CONTACT US. Your comments help us a lot, we are able to make decisions everyday on how to serve you with the most relevant content.